The Landing 
The landing is very important in parkour. If you have a bad landing then you HAVE to correct it. It is very important that you learn and memorize this move to the point of where you don't have to think about it. It can have long term effects if you do not do it correctly.

The landing consists of landing on the balls of your feet, coming down in a squat and putting pressure on the ground with your hands. Then pop yourself up. The balls of your feet are right before the toes of your feet and landing on them take pressure off of your legs and back. The squat will take down all the pressure, it will make sure that if you did land flatfoot that you curl onto your balls of the feet. Then slap the ground with your hands, this will make sure that you bend down all the way and puts pressure off of your legs and onto your arms. Quickly push yourself up, make sure you don't stay down for a fraction of a second. Then carry on.

If you have troubles and land flat foot, then you should try to exaggerate your landings on your toes maybe if its not that high of a jump. Make sure you get it down properly.

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