Quadrupal Movement 
Now that we've gotten through the basics and some fun movements, we're going to learn a slightly less exciting movement, but still just as important.

Quadrupal movement, as you can guess, means that your using both feet and hands to moving. Some of these movements resemble a child crawling, but this is more controlled than the child.

If your very unflexible, please work on your flexibility (we'll post some flexibility exercises in a while) before attempting this movement.

The first quadrupal movement is what we call the standard one. Your going to spread out on all fours, like a push-up. Make sure your stretched out as far as you can. Put your left foot up to about you waist, and move your left hand back to almost meet the left foot. Now the first move, put your left hand out as far as you can, leaving your right hand where it is. Bring your right foot up to your right hand and repeat. Do the same vice versa.

The second movement is what we call the side movement. Your gona pread your legs out pretty far, but not so far that you cant bend one leg. We'll just start with your right... Your going to bend your right leg and lower yourself almost until the ground. Your left leg should be straight out and stretched. Put your hands in front of your left foot. Quickly change the leg structure so that the left is bent and right is bent, put your hands down on the outside of your left foot and make sure you dont stop there. Before you have a chance to stop, jump slightly and bring your right leg back up to your hands and kick your left foot out, returning to your origional position.

The third movement is the backwards standard. This one you can figure out on your own. Take the first movement and simply do it in reverse, going backwards; not as easy as it looks.

Those are the basic quadrupal movements. There are a few more, like the aligator movement, but they are less known and arn't necessary at this point in time.

See ya next time.

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