The Side Vault 
Ok, I decided that if you read all the previous posts and practiced them regularily that you could move on to your first vault. The only thing to make sure you do here is remembering to do the landing process. Make sure you pop up quickly so that the force doesn't hurt you too much.

This vault is usually used for rails and thin walls. If used on a wide object, you can use different variations or a different vault which we'll talk about.

Usually, you plant both hands on the object, directed forwards. If you feel more confortable with one hand facing the other way, you free to do so, though it could end in a turn vault which I will explain later.

Plant your hands and give a small jump and swing your legs over the object, your choice whether swinging your legs left or to the right. Land with both feet or one, use the landing tactic I discussed earlier, pop back up and keep running. If it is a tall object then you may use the roll tactic which I discussed earlier.. If you land with one foot or the object isn't very high, you don't have to use the landing tactic even though it is preferable. Land with one or both feet and just keep running or go into your next move.

Most traceurs will land with both feet.

Till next time.

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