The Roll 
Traceurs use this technique alot. This is used if they have to much forward (or sometimes backward) momentum. If you land at a dead stop you may hurt yourself from impact so they roll to take down impact and to stop themselves falling on their faces. However a parkour roll is not the same as a gymnast roll, or a somersault.

A somersault is when your roll directly down your spine. If you use this at high speeds and on concrete then it can hurt your back extremely badly. A parkour roll is when your roll on one of your shoulders and go down to your opposite side/hip. This makes sure you don't hurt your back.

A good way to start with this is in a grass field, or a park. You can attempt first try on concrete but be aware it will hurt. First get into a squat and put your hands down infront of you. Then tuck one of your arms under you and roll. With this you should be able to get a roll on your shoulder which is exactly how you should do it. If you do it wrong then try again until you get it right. Thats why you should practice on grass until you get it right. Good luck.

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