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Hey to all the readers of this blog!! Thanks for keeping up with the reading! I'd like you all to pay attention to this request...

I'd like it if everyone could please join the forums, and be active.. It will take less than a minute and will register you into a community in which you can talk to me and other traceurs that I am trying to find. On our conter total on the blog we have over 200 views, 4 of which were yesterday, 3 today. We have only 4 people on the forums, so there must be some of you who have not joined..

If you are nervous about being the first ones and not giving good advice, please join anyways, we're welcome to anyone.

Second! Ccould everyone please refer friends to this site! I'd really appreciate it. I'm looking to make a big online community dedicated to the art of parkour! If everyone invited one friend, in no time we will have hundreds of users in which you can talk with about everything to do with parkour.

Gotta run, please send me an email at jeremy@ingraham.us if you have any problems!

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