Pursuading Parents or Gaurdians 
Alright, no we're not creating an evil plan behind your parents back, we're just trying to get them to understand and let you do this sport that we love.

All across the world, both with people I do know and people that I meet on forums, people are having trouble starting the sport because of their parents. Parents will usually let you work out but tend to give some resistance to parkour. Why? Because working out is more commonly accepted in modern civilization, and because it simply looks more dangerous to parkour than to work out. If for some reason you can't persuade your parents, then simply follow our workouts until you can.

Heres a couple of facts:
*The injury rate in American Soccer is higher than the injury rate of parkour.
*More long term damage could be done by working out in a gym than parkouring.
*Parkour is all about finding your own limit and slowly pushing it out.

Ok, so you have a couple arguments with your parents about starting parkour. Try to tell them the facts above. Try and show them a few things and how harmless they can be (like a rail, no buildings!). Tell them you'll be responsible (this better be true), and that you wont try anything too dangerous. Try to tell them that you will be careful, and if they dont feel comfortable with it after a week, then they can pull the plug.

Heres the catch. Everything that you say up there has to be true. You will be responsible if you tell them that. I don't like liars.. Keep away from doing parkour moves near them, it makes the self-conscious. Make sure not to hurt yourself or do any stunts first thing.

If you follow this then you should be able to pursuade them. Have fun.

(If all else fails, make them sign a conctract allowing you to parkour, while they're high, haha.)


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