Introduction: Part 2 
Again: The concept of Parkour is to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible by overcoming obstacles using only the human body.

And of courseÖ Parkour can be a very dangerous sport if done wrong or
too fast. Be cautious with the sport and slowly advance in difficulty.
Please read our blogs carefully before attempting any of the things we
tell. We do not take responsibility for injuries, Iím sorry P

The first things youíll be learning will (of course) be boring, such as
work outs, balancing practices and stuff like that. One weíve conquered
that we will move onto vaults (donít worry if you donít know what it
means) and so on.

*Do not pursue this sport if you are pregnant.
*Do not pursue this sport if you experience back problems.
*Do not pursue this sport if you cannot take a few falls.
*Do not pursue this sport if you experience disease influencing breathing or other majors.

NOTE: If you do not experience all these or not overweight, i encourage you to follow this sport.

Iíll start next blog, see ya then.


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