Introduction: Part 1 
Parkour, also known as free run, is a sport of balance and patience. Firsts first. If you have no idea what parkour is, and a friend mentioned it, and you want to try it, then go right ahead. But it your looking to show off, this is the wrong sport for you.

Parkour began in France. The concept of the sport is to get from point A to B as quickly as you can by overtaking obstacles using only the human body. This ends up becoming quite extreme and is often used for recreation. People do it alot of the time actually through their daily lives, like simply jumping over a low rail.

Anyways, enjoy our photos, videos and blogs.

Moderator: Jeremy, Iím 15. I do parkour and am a fan of the sport. Parkour rocks! Iíll give beginners lessons in the blogs. Start off small, End up big.

NOTE: Do not let the pictures or videos encourage you to jump off buildings. We accept no responsibilities for injury.

NOTE: Do not let the pictures, videos or previous note scare you from parkouring!!!


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